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VIDEO: NextNewNetworks Building Scale Through Producer Network...Christine O'Donnell Mash-up Goes Viral

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A mash-up video of the Christine O'Donnell campaign a spot, in which the candidate denies being a witch, has reached some 250,000 views today (10/18) in its first day. It is among the top ten most watched on YouTube.  (See the clip below.)

It is being featured on the Huffington Post among other sites and blogs.

The video is distributed by Next New Networks, and produced by the Gregory Brothers, one of the first of the independent producers to hook up with Next New Networks as part of the "Next New Creators" program.

The Gregory Brothers produce "Auto-Tune the News."

For an overview on the growth of Next New Networks by integrating independent producers, we spoke with CEO Fred Seibert at the company's Manhattan offices.

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