01/11/2011 05:53 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

VIDEO: Wild Horse of Vieques Love to Eat Mangoes and Play on the Beach

Horses love mangoes and in Vieques in the summer there are so many that they rot in streets. Sometimes friendly humans bring mangoes to horses as a special treat.

About the Show

Welcome to the launch of Vieques.TV, a new Web video series about the Caribbean island of Vieques, located 8 miles off the eastern end of Puerto Rico. Kathy and I have had a home on the island since 2004 and have been delighted to share our experiences with so many friends and family.

Vieques.TV both a personal travelogue and labor of love for the island. I shoot the videos on a small Canon Vixia and have my crew at Beet.TV do some nifty editing in New York.

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