Wired Founding Publisher: Advertisers want "Conversations" With Online Audience

07/03/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 29, 2013

John Battelle, a pioneer in publishing who was the first publisher of Wired and the Industry Standard, has been running an ad agency for blogs and other niche publishers called Federated Media.

I caught up with him last week in Carlsbad, California at the Wall Street Journal's D:All Things Digital Conference. John explains how his company provides value to marketers by getting them into what he calls conversational media with key audiences.

The topic of conversational media will be discussed today and tomorrow here in New York at Federated industry summit.

In our interview, he speaks about the needs for proper metrics. Just yesterday, he endorsed a new tracking system for online advertising from comScore.

Magid Abraham, President and CEO of comScore is speaking at the conference this morning.

Beet.TV will cover.