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Video Double-Whammy: The New Swayback and Eric Peterson on the Wheel!

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Today was a good day for stumbling upon great videos about Denver bands. First up: Here's a new video from the Swayback for "Die Finks," produced by the legendary Andy Johns. This video reminds me of a time Donnybrook drunkenly broke into an abandoned apartment building to cause mayhem, and all the bathtubs were ripped out of the floors and thrown in the hallways...only we never defied gravity or did things in stop-motion. Enjoy!

Eric Peterson, who's been known to dabble in DJing at KVDU and most notably play in Denver bands like Houses, made a video about the Wheel's success in getting signed. Watching John Wenzel and Tom Murphy pontificate about anything always warms the heart and enriches the mind, and Barton Dahl's story in the end is a great lesson to musicians playing to feeble crowds in these economic times. Thanks to Reverb for this one, you can check out their article here!

Breaking Out of Denver from Eric Peterson on Vimeo.