11/06/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Note To McCain For Picking a Cute Buffoon

Dear John McCain,

This is a sincere Thank You note for being the man to put my heart, soul, time and money back into politics.

My beloved late husband, Hunter S. Thompson, gave me the political bug years ago. And to honor his spirit, I was asked to blog for several exciting websites during the Denver Convention. I accepted, but because I was a Hillary supporter, I was going through the motions with thinly veiled apathy and losing steam fast.

My story is not uncommon. I was one of the millions who was hoping for the Clinton/(Obama) ticket. With that failure, it got worse as the months went by. I got depressed, and even sick, my self-esteem tanked and interest in either party was slipping away.

Then whamo! With your VP pick, the Obama/Biden ticket is not just the better of the two parties, it is a bright and shining star next to the arrogant and stupid Sarah Palin you put in our faces.

So thank you John McCain for picking a woman who represents the worst-case scenario: A cute wild buffoon who is proud to be dumb. You put a twisted mirror up to all of us who strive to work hard, keep learning and become better women.

Because of your choice for VP, I have arranged for some time away from my studies at Columbia University to fly home to Colorado during election week and volunteer for Obama.

So thank you for putting the spring back in my step, my money, time and spirit to Obama & Biden that was not there before. Thank you again, you beautiful little man.

Most Sincerely,

Anita Thompson