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Ann Cooper
Nicknamed the “Renegade Lunch Lady,” chef Ann Cooper started the Food, Family, Farming Foundation to ensure that all children have access to healthy food at school. In 2010, Ann launched the Great American Salad Bar Project with Whole Foods Market, raising 1.4 million dollars to fund more than 500 salad bars in schools. Ann is currently helping the 48-school Boulder Valley School District transition from using processed foods to fresh and local ingredients, just as she has done before on the east and west coast. Ann is NRDC’s 2011 Growing Green Award winner in the Knowledge Leader category.

Blog Entries by Ann Cooper

Bad Food Is Making Our Kids Sick (and How to Take Charge)

Posted May 3, 2011 | 22:00:50 (EST)


I never imagined myself cooking for kids. I spent most of my first three decades as a chef, not knowing or caring what kids ate, and not really wanting to feed them. In fact, as a restaurant chef, my worst nightmare was...

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