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Ann Fry
In 2009, Ann was diagnosed with breast cancer and is now thriving and starting her newest speaking business – I Am a Thriver … as an advocate and spokesperson for cancer “thrivers” and for companies developing greater compassion for employees with Cancer and major illness.
But here’s the first part of the story … the back story:
Ann calls herself a Catalyst for Change and ReInvention. She’s been somewhat of a maverick forever, always striving to stay on the cutting edge of needs and to sync them with her own interests and desires. She is definitely someone who walks her walk, and talks her talk.
For a living
Ann is a professional speaker and an organizational / executive coach. She built this practice by first being a psychotherapist, a health-care administrator, a college professor, and of course a mother (and even a wife for 25 years, now divorced). For the last 18 years, Ann has worked around the country speaking, training and coaching in corporations, non-profits, government agencies and at professional association conferences. She brings inspiration for change to her audiences, as well as her sense of humor. She helps to inspire people to move away from the “status quo” – to something that excites them, gives them juice, gets them out of bed in the morning.
People come to her when they are ready for something to be different. And Ann knows about different. She’s been re-inventing most of her life… both professionally and personally.
Ann has a 36 year old son. (He’s the lead singer of the band Distant Lights, Austin, TX) In 2006, she sold everything (almost .. she brought the cats with her) and moved from Austin, TX to NYC for a new adventure. … and then, in 2009 – Breast Cancer. Not part of the plan. But Ann faced it as a reality, used her resiliency skills and is now thriving. She walks her walk… she doesn’t just speak about ReInvention… she does it!
In 2013, her son was diagnosed with melanoma on his scalp. It was fairly deep, surgically removed, as was a major lymph node. Good news – it appears they “got it all.”
So, in addition to her own cancer, she's been a sister, a cousin, an aunt and now Ann adds Mother of a child with cancer to her repertoire.
Contact Information:
Ann Fry, MSW • • • • • 646-895-9295

Entries by Ann Fry

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In my usual blogposts here, I write about cancer in the workplace and how to create empathetic and compassionate companies. Today is a more personal view. Cancer has personally messed with my holidays more times than I would like to admit. And, yet, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Let me...

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Well, to point out the obvious, we are aware of them both in October. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month AND, October is Halloween. Both happen every year.

What do these two things have in common?
On the lighthearted side:
They are both scary
They both...

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Companies 'Doing the Right Thing' -- For Young Employees With Cancer

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Today's column will look at two more companies that "did the right thing" for their employees impacted by Cancer. I'll profile the two young women and how their diagnosis was treated.

But, first a shout out to an earlier CEO we interviewed: Adam Goodman, CEO of Goodmans Interior Structures in...

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Why I Care So Much About the Impact of Cancer... My Story

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People wonder why I'm a radical advocate for helping people with cancer (or major illness) at work. I often write about corporate responsibility, but I don't often write about what prompted me to do so. You might wonder -- what is it with this woman that she keeps talking about...

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What We CAN Do and What We Can't in the Realm of Health and Wellness to Combat Disease

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The world is chaotic -- there are things that we, as individuals CAN control and many more that we cannot. For example, we can't control what's happening in the Middle East. If we live outside of the state of Georgia, we can't control the legislatures passing of a bill that...

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Real Leaders Have Empathy, Compassion and Acceptance and They're Not Afraid to Show It

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My byline here could be: And real companies pass those traits onto their team members in the form of Core Values. Furthermore, I think you, the reader, will see the reality that such concepts also grow the company into greater success. At the end of the day, companies are in...

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Building a Community That Takes Care of Its People

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At the heart of any company that offers empathy and strong incentives and engagement is a company that is "employee centric." What that refers to is a company who puts the needs of their employees in the forefront.

Obviously the bottom-line, the need to increase profit share, to keep...

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What Three CEO's Are Really Passionate About Concerning Their Employees

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As you know, this is the second in a series of blogs about how to deal with cancer and major illness in the workplace. The content for this series is based on responses to questions from some key CEOs who are dedicated to eradicating cancer. What a great goal. As...

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Cancer Touches Everyone: How a Company's Culture Responds Is the Key

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In my last post, about bringing your "humanity" into the workplace with you, I indicated that I would be following with some really meaty blogs from conversations and interviews with major CEOs. I'm glad to say that this project is underway and I'm excited to share their input...

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Don't Leave Your Humanity at the Door; Take it Into Work With You!

(0) Comments | Posted March 11, 2014 | 12:55 PM

As you know, I'm passionate (and concerned) about how people with major illness, like cancer, are treated at work. Along with that, of course, is how caretakers of such people -- who also work with you -- are treated.

Case in point:
A friend of mine who works has...

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Three Things NOT to Say to a Coworker About Their Illness

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I don't think anyone wakes up one day and says, "I think I'll be sick today," unless they just want to pretend and take a day off. On the contrary, most of us want to wake up feeling vibrant, strong, capable, happy, and go off and do meaningful work and...

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Should Companies Be Concerned About Cancer and Serious Illness in the Workplace?

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As a former clinical social worker, one who had a prolific private practice in years past, I know a great deal about the impact of serious illness on an individual, a family and a job. My practice was full of people who needed help in dealing with the emotional concerns...

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Cancer and the Mindset of Healing

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Cancer is the disease that keeps on giving. And it's the disease that knows no boundaries. It hits anyone, whether they be young, old, of various ethnicities, LGBT, single, married, rich, poor, professional, or blue collar. You get the picture. I'm not telling you anything you don't know. However, what...

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