09/23/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hillary's acting like a grown up, and so should you

Today I heard an incredibly snarling comment from a woman who is still incensed that Hillary is not the nominee. In her opinion, Hillary was cheated out of the nomination, Barack can never get elected because he is black and more importantly, according to her, American will never accept a black First Lady, and who cares if McCain appoints the next Supreme Court because look what happened when the Court appointed our president in 2000!


The last bit is completely incomprehensible, and her second and third points a sad comment on the continuing racism in our society, but the first is an example of the inability of some otherwise mature women to act like women and not little girls.

I'm sure you all remember some child from your school days who manipulated all of his or her friends, and sometimes teachers, by pouting, crying, and generally making everyone around them miserable if they didn't get their way. This is the image I am reminded of when I see this complete unwillingness of some of these die-hard Hillary supporters to accept the fact that she did not run a winning primary campaign, and the contest is over.

For heaven's sake, act like a grown up. Grown ups accept that when you play in the big leagues, you can win big but you can also lose big. Either way life goes on and you move on to the next challenge. Pouting prevents you from dealing with the next thing life is going to throw at you, and makes you look small and immature. Hillary herself is acting like a grown up, and supporting Obama for the sake of this country's future.

She's done a remarkable thing by opening a door for women that was never realistically there before, and she, and her supporters, should be proud of that. Heck, I didn't even support her and I'm proud of that! Unfortunately, that pride, and that accomplishment, are diminished by this continual whining over shoulda/woulda/coulda. If you are whining, you are not acting like the grown woman you are.

For the sake of this country we need to act like grown-ups, get over it, move on, and get President Obama into the White House.