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Anna Almendrala
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Anna Almendrala is a Healthy Living editor for the Huffington Post. She was born in Manila, Philippines and grew up in New Zealand and California. She graduated from U.C. Berkeley in 2006 with a double major in Rhetoric and Spanish and has previously worked for Sojourners and Brave New Films. She lives with her husband in Los Angeles.

Entries by Anna Almendrala

Legionnaires' Disease Kills Two, Sickens 29 In New York City

(0) Comments | Posted July 29, 2015 | 12:46 PM

Two people are dead and 29 others have been sickened after an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease in the Bronx, a borough of New York City. 

Since July 10, there have been 31 cases in total, according to a statement from the New York City health department, and...

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People Who Text While Walking Are Annoying As Hell, Study Confirms

(0) Comments | Posted July 29, 2015 | 11:40 AM

The next time you get stuck walking behind a person who is walking and texting and they’re pissing you off, take comfort in the fact that’s it’s not you — it’s them.

Though perhaps obvious and absolutely not comforting at all, at least this is now cemented in the...

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All Too Often, Going To The Hospital Makes You Sicker

(0) Comments | Posted July 28, 2015 | 3:49 PM

The next time you have to undergo an operation or give birth, you might want to check and see if your hospital has a reputation for making their patients even sicker than they already were.


Healthcare-acquired infections -- bacterial, fungal and viral illnesses that patients...

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7 Numbers That Show The Fight Against Hepatitis Is Far From Over

(0) Comments | Posted July 27, 2015 | 9:25 PM

July 28 is World Hepatitis Day, a sorely-needed awareness campaign for diseases that affect more than 400 million people alive today.

In the U.S., more people die from hepatitis C than they do from HIV/AIDS. And despite being preventable with vaccine, hepatitis B...

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How Poverty Stunts Kids' Brain Development

(0) Comments | Posted July 23, 2015 | 2:37 PM

When U.S. scientists confirmed that lead exposure from gasoline caused permanent mental disability, deafness and a host of other health problems, the Environmental Protection Agency acted swiftly in 1973, calling for the incremental reduction of lead in fuel. 


Child development researcher Seth Pollak of the...

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Cientista desmente tuítes de Jim Carrey sobre lei de vacinação obrigatória nos EUA

(1) Comments | Posted July 22, 2015 | 10:17 PM

Em uma série recente de tuítes, o ator Jim Carrey se enfureceu contra uma nova lei da Califórnia que proíbe a isenção de crença pessoal na vacinação infantil. O projeto de lei, assinado pelo governador Jerry Brown (D) no final de junho, faz com que as injeções sejam...

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This Is How Teens Have Sex, According To The CDC

(0) Comments | Posted July 21, 2015 | 6:15 PM

Teen pregnancy is at a record low in the U.S., and a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may explain why.


The new data, collected from 2011-2013, shows that adolescents are delaying sex, being more responsible with birth control and have...

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You're Most Likely To Get Hooked On These Foods

(1) Comments | Posted July 21, 2015 | 10:57 AM

It's easy to claim we're "addicted" to foods like the donuts from down the street or our beloved Thai takeout. But while the concept of food addiction is controversial among researchers, there is growing evidence that highly-processed, fatty, sugary foods like pizza, chocolate, chips and cookies as uniquely problematic foods...

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Here’s The Best Online Calorie Calculator, According To Science

(0) Comments | Posted July 20, 2015 | 8:06 PM

Want to lose weight, but don't know where to start? A free online calorie calculator -- the Body Weight Planner -- is now available to the public after several years as a research tool for scientists at the National Institutes of Health.  
There are plenty of free tools online...
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Here's The Deal With That Morning Sickness Drug Kim Kardashian's Hawking

(0) Comments | Posted July 20, 2015 | 2:13 PM

Ever the savvy businesswoman, Kim Kardashian West is using her second pregnancy to pick up an endorsement deal with Duchesnay USA, a pharmaceutical company that produces the morning sickness drug Diclegis. 


"As you guys know my#morningsickness has been pretty bad,” the celebrity wrote...

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Here’s How To Stop A Migraine Before It Destroys Your Whole Day

(0) Comments | Posted July 15, 2015 | 2:21 PM

Migraines cause severe throbbing in the head, sensitivity to light, sounds or smells, and are brutally painful. Researchers don’t agree on the number of Americans who suffer from migraines, but official numbers range from 16.2 percent to 22.7 percent. Dr. Wade Cooper, director of the University of...

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Getting Birth Control Will Be Easier Than Ever In These Two States

(2) Comments | Posted July 14, 2015 | 5:55 PM

In most states, women need to go to their doctor or health clinic to get a prescription for hormonal birth control. But thanks to recent legislation, women in California and Oregon will now be able to buy hormonal birth control at the pharmacy without a doctor's prescription. 


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This Needle-Free Ebola Vaccine Could Change Everything

(0) Comments | Posted July 14, 2015 | 1:01 PM

Scientists have announced the creation of an aerosolized vaccine capable of fully protecting rhesus macaques, a species of monkey commonly used in Ebola research, against the most deadly strain of Ebola virus.  


If the finding is confirmed in human trials, the vaccine could be...

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How A High-Fat Diet May Be Screwing With Your Brain

(0) Comments | Posted July 13, 2015 | 3:56 PM

Dietary fat is having a moment. From Paleo diet converts who hail the virtues of saturated fat to nutritionists who want to do away with upper limits on total fat consumption, Americans are getting a strong message: Fill up on fat and stay away from refined carbohydrates and added sugar. 

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3 Unexpected Ways To Help Your Kids Be Mindful About Screen Time

(0) Comments | Posted July 9, 2015 | 9:42 PM

Scientists may be debating whether our attachment to technology should be considered a formal addiction, but parents of school-aged children don’t need to wait for academic consensus to recognize that our devices have in many ways transformed our lives and family dynamic.

"It’s an interesting question...

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New Study Sheds Light On The Link Between Antidepressants And Birth Defects

(0) Comments | Posted July 9, 2015 | 6:32 PM

A new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that pregnant women who take certain drugs that are part of a class of antidepressants known as SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) are at slightly increased risk for having a baby with birth defects. 


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Blood Tests Could Soon Be As Easy As A Trip To The Drugstore

(22) Comments | Posted July 8, 2015 | 7:00 AM

A little-known healthcare start-up is slowly setting the stage to transform blood tests.

Theranos, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based company that offers about 153 tests for under $10, scored three major coups in the past week. First, they won FDA approval for their patented technology that performs complex...

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Colorado's Teen Birth Rate Fell 40 Percent Thanks To A Free Contraception Program

(149) Comments | Posted July 6, 2015 | 5:23 PM

Rates of teen pregnancies and abortions have plunged in Colorado thanks to a six-year program that distributed free LARCs -- long-acting reversible contraceptives -- to teens and young women.

The initiative provided women with free IUDs (intrauterine devices) or hormonal implants that can prevent pregnancy for up to 10...

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과학자들, 짐 캐리의 '백신 반대' 트윗을 강하게 비판하다

(0) Comments | Posted July 6, 2015 | 10:50 AM

배우 짐 캐리는 최근 개인적 믿음에 따라 어린이 백신 접종을 강제로 하는 캘리포니아의 새 법에 분노를 표출하는 트윗을 연달아 올렸다. 제리 브라운 주지사(민주당)가 6월 30일에 서명한 이 법은 공립이나 사립학교에 입학하기 전에 모든 아동이 백신 접종을 받는 것을 의무화 했다. 면역 결핍이나 암 등이 있어 접종을 미뤄야 할...

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Εάν βρήκατε το άλλο σας μισό υπάρχει περίπτωση να παχύνετε

(1) Comments | Posted July 2, 2015 | 12:59 PM

Εάν έχετε πάρει μερικά κιλά από τη στιγμή που μπήκατε σε μία σχέση, δεν είστε οι μόνοι. Σύμφωνα με πρόσφατη έρευνα, που συνέκρινε τον δείκτη μάζας σώματος ανθρώπων που δεν ήταν σε σχέση με εκείνη των ανθρώπων που βρίσκονταν σε σχέση διαπίστωσε ότι η δεύτερη κατηγορία κουβαλούσε μερικά κιλά παραπάνω....

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