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Amanda Peet: Red Carpet Ready in 30 Minutes, Wears Tight Jeans for Hubby (PHOTOS)

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We caught up with Amanda Peet today, who is teaming up with Crest for their launch of 3D White 2 Hour Express Whitestrips, for a quick Q&A on her effortless "beauty regime."


Peet's ultimate beauty indulgence? "A good night's sleep," she exclaims, "and I can't live without Olay Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream and Cetaphil."

This down-to-earth beauty swears she only takes a half hour to get red carpet ready and while her hubby has no makeup preference (though she's usually au naturale -- and isn't that what men love anyway?) he is certainly partial to very tight jeans. (She definitely indulges him!)

What's her typical day like? Basically she drops off her son at school with the intent of getting dressed afterward and poof, "4pm rolls around and I'm still in sweatpants!"

In her upcoming NBC sitcom project, Bent, Peet will play a recently-divorced single mom who's fighting an intense attraction to her studly contractor.