"Mom, What's for Dinner?" A New Resource Helps Answer the Question

09/29/2010 08:52 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Do these three words -- 'what's for dinner' -- send a shiver down your spine?

Well, my daughter at age 14 months can only muster "mom," "dada," and "duck," but soon enough I'm sure she'll be asking me that question, too, and I'll want a good answer. Thankfully, a website launches today that provides parents of kids of any age tips to respond to this question with aplomb.

Parent Earth features some of the nation's leading doctors and pediatricians, nutritionists, sustainable food advocates, holistic health counselors and notable names like chef Ann Cooper, best-selling author Paul Greenberg, documentary filmmaker Curt Ellis, nutritionist Latham Thomas -- and I've contributed videos, too, and am slated for more in the coming months.

Ever wonder how to sneak more vegetables into a toddler's lunch? Leading school reformer Chef Ann Cooper gives you simple tips.

Want to know how to ward off morning sickness while getting a healthy protein-packed snack? Nutrition educator Latham Thomas breaks it down for you.

Curious about an antidote to the Corn Refiners Association spin on corn? Hear filmmaker Curt Ellis and others break down this ubiquitous commodity.

As someone who has been working to change the food system for more than a decade, and as a new mom, I'm thrilled Parent Earth offers another tool in our toolbox to fix our broken food system and make it more fun to be a parent again.

Just last week, I read the sobering news that the United States had the worst rates of obesity out of all thirty-three countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, made up of 33 countries "committed to democracy and the market economy." Here in New York City, the Department of Health reports that kids living in certain zip codes have some of the nation's highest rates of obesity: In Corona, Queens, 51% of kids in kindergarten through 8th grade are overweight or obese.

The staggering statistics are enough to fire any of us up, right, but what about when we find ourselves in the kitchen, in the grocery store aisles, at the school board meeting debating school lunch? Parent Earth experts help navigate all this and more.

The site launches today, sign up to find out when new videos come online. I've already made my shopping list for that healthy trail mix and planning a veggie-filled lunch for my daughter. Thanks Parent Earth.