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Anne Campbell
Anne Campbell is editor of ShipCritic Blog and Cruising From New York. Campbell is co-founder and past editor-in-chief of both CruiseMates (1999-2006) and Cruise Critic (1995-1999). Prior to that, she authored Fielding’s Guide To Worldwide Cruises (1994, 1995 editions). As a journalist she has cruised to every continent on earth including Antarctica on vessels ranging from the tiniest vessel to the largest mega-ships, tall ships, expedition vessels, riverboats and even a self-drive houseboat. As an expert on the cruise industry, she has been interviewed by major publications such as The New York Times, Wall St. Journal, USA Today, Travel & Leisure and Money Magazine, among others. Campbell has been interviewed by CNN, Good Morning America and appeared on numerous ship documentaries. She resides in New York with Mickey, her Shit-tzu puppy.

Entries by Anne Campbell

Costa Concordia: Unanswered Questions Remain

(14) Comments | Posted January 23, 2012 | 6:00 AM

A week after Costa Concordia ran aground in Italy, Carnival Corporation has launched a comprehensive audit and review of all safety and emergency response procedures across all of the company's cruise lines. The company owns nine cruise lines including Costa Cruises, Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises, Holland America, Seabourn Cruises,...

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Italian Coast Guard To Costa Captain: "Get On Board, Damn It!"

(2) Comments | Posted January 18, 2012 | 7:15 AM

There are 11 confirmed dead as the search for those who are still missing has been suspended.

According to a transcript of a telephone conversation between an irate Italian Coast Guard officer and Costa Concordia's captain who had left the ship, the captain was...

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How To Crash A $400 Million Cruise Ship

(108) Comments | Posted January 17, 2012 | 7:00 AM

I've been covering the cruise industry for almost 20 years, written about how safe these behemoths are, visited over a dozen European shipyards and spent extensive time talking to cruise ship captains, ship builders and cruise line executives. So when the first photos of Costa Concordia appeared, to say I...

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Norwegian Ship Rescues Sailboat Passengers In Major Storm

(16) Comments | Posted October 30, 2011 | 9:22 AM

If you saw the movie Perfect Storm, you can imagine how tough it was to pull this off.

Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Gem responded to a call from the US Coast Guard who had received a distress notification from Sanctuary, a 39-foot sailboat, stating that they had large breaking...

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Massive Cruise Industry Sale Starts October 17

(2) Comments | Posted October 12, 2011 | 2:10 PM

Bargain hunters, start your engines!

If you're even thinking about taking a cruise next year, you may find your dream voyage on sale for a limited time. The entire cruise industry, some 25 companies, is putting 2012 departures on sale in a promotion called "The World's Largest Cruise Sale."...

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New Mega NCL Cruise Ship Will 'Home Port' In New York City

(8) Comments | Posted October 6, 2011 | 4:26 PM

In New York you find the biggest buildings and most advanced technology so it makes sense that one of the world's biggest ships will sail year-round from the big apple.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Norwegian Cruise Line CEO Kevin Sheehan today announced that Norwegian Cruise Line's new state-of-the-art...

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Can You Fall Off a Cruise Ship and Survive?

(0) Comments | Posted June 23, 2011 | 2:55 PM

The answer is sometimes, if you're damn lucky.

Last weekend a passenger fell from a Norwegian Cruise Line ship leaving New Orleans and survived; the crew saw him go over and immediately went after him. After being treated by NCL medical staff he disembarked for additional medical care.

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Small Ship Cruises: No Ties, No Bingo

(1) Comments | Posted April 11, 2011 | 4:14 PM

Whenever I encounter someone who proclaims, "I love to travel but I wouldn't be caught dead on a cruise ship!!" my response is, "I have a ship for you!" Then I steer them towards small ships where they will encounter nary a typical cruise ship activity like formal nights, floor...

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25 Tips to Ensure Valium-Free Cruising

(5) Comments | Posted January 24, 2011 | 4:39 PM

I'll show you mine if you show me yours! Here are my cruise tips for saving wear and tear on body and soul. I'd love to get a few tips from you as well. And, because air travel is so unpredictable, several tips are especially important and noted as a...

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7 Things You Should Not Do on a Cruise Ship

(7) Comments | Posted December 9, 2010 | 2:50 PM

As a journalist covering the cruise industry I try to be as thorough as possible in providing tips and advice on taking a cruise. However, it's inevitable that I'll overlook some actions that, in hindsight, should have been covered earlier and then be surprised at the stupidity of some people...

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Carnival Cruise Ship Sits Powerless at Sea After Fire

(18) Comments | Posted November 9, 2010 | 2:53 PM


Sitting powerless fifty five miles west of Punta San Jacinto, Mexico, Carnival Splendor's staff and crew are working non-stop to restore power to the ship crippled by an engine room fire Monday. No one was injured aboard the 113,000-ton ship --...

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PHOTOS: 5 Most Opulent Cruise Ship Suites

(0) Comments | Posted November 2, 2010 | 12:51 PM

While it may seem that cruising is strictly a mass market vacation with ships carrying up to 6,000 passengers and activities geared towards families with little kids, endless buffets and cabins smaller than most kitchens, there's another side that is decidedly more refined. Aboard a handful of luxury ships are...

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The 8 New Cruise Ships to Debut in 2010/11

(2) Comments | Posted October 14, 2010 | 1:29 PM

If you love the biggest, tallest, longest new cruise ships rolling out of European shipyards at a brisk pace, enjoy it now because it's not gonna last. Through 2011 we'll welcome eight new ships which will end the decade-long expansion of the cruise industry.

When the...

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