05/04/2015 01:14 pm ET | Updated May 03, 2016

For 2015 Science-Themed Birthday Parties Are the New 'Frozen'

While Star Wars and various Disney princesses have reigned as popular kids' birthday party themes for years, a new generation of kids are asking for science-themed birthday parties that run the gamut from physics -- think building rockets -- to zoology with petting zoos to chemistry where kids can make glow in the dark slime or turn a bottle of Coca-Cola into a Geiser. Just like Ralph did in Wreck it Ralph to save Vanellope von Schweetz.

"My parties have always been generally really popular," says Carmelo Piazza, also known as the Science Fellow, owner of the Cosmic Cove and author of Crazy for Science. "More people are willing to try other party hosts, whereas in the past they didn't."

For their son's 5th birthday, Melanie and Dan planned a party where the kids could build lego race cars and then race them against each other. "With kindergartners at a science birthday party there's always an uncertain principle at work; however, with the proper planning and a little creativity the experiment can be a success," the couple shared.

And this trend isn't limited to the boys. "I have been getting a great number of parties for girls. We are breaking that gender science barrier. I have three daughters and they love it," Carmelo explains.

Think you want to plan a scientific party for your birthday boy or girl? Here are some crafty and creative ideas you can do at home.

With additional reporting by Lindsay Owen

For 2015 Science-Themed Birthday Parties are the New Frozen