05/12/2010 05:56 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Calling All Dreamers!

Do you listen to your dreams but have no one to talk with about them? Are you looking for a circle of fellow dreamers to help you explore dream messages? The perfect solution may be at hand.

Introducing The Dream Tribe, a members-only online community where you can get instant feedback on your dreams, connect with experts in many different kinds of dreamwork, and find your place in the worldwide clan of dreamers.

The brainchild of interfaith minister Amy Brucker, The Dream Tribe launched just days ago. At the center of the effort are what Amy calls the "Dream Team"--professionals who are experts in different aspects of dream research and interpretation. (Full disclosure: I am part of the Dream Team.)

Each of us make ourselves available to site members by participating in the online forums, offering discounts on classes and private sessions, and distributing exclusive content through the Dream Tribe site. As a members-only site, the only people reading and responding to your posts about dreams are those who are truly interested in the healing potential of dreams.

It is a great value for people who want to learn more about their dreams but don't have access to a local dream group. Registration is closed for the general public, but Huffington Post readers can still sign up by entering coupon code 22 on the home page or Become a Member page.

I will blog more about my experience as part of the Dream Team--this is an experiment for all of us, remember--but for now I want to welcome the worldwide network/clan/tribe/consortium/consulate of dreamers to our virtual tribe!