Wealth School: Claiming Your Voice, Value and Vision

07/05/2012 03:58 pm ET | Updated Sep 04, 2012

Do you value yourself as fully as you could? Do you appreciate yourself as a vital person, fully engaged with life, its opportunities and challenges? Do you speak up for yourself or conceal the goodness that is inherently part of your nature?

Embedded in your voice is your value, that which you are proud to stand and claim as your own, not as a position of ego, division and separation but as the singular and unique contribution you bring to serve yourself and others. You count.

In 1970, my soul called me to a six-month journey as a hippie travelling in India. I did not fully realize it until later, but I was searching for meaning and purpose in my life. It was a journey of awakening.

Many of my fellow travellers seemed more lost than I was. Several I met went the sad route of the opium dens, addiction to drugs and ending in death. I was deeply upset to witness such waste of human life and committed to myself to do something about it. Although I could not cure the condition of hopelessness as I saw it, I could be part of the solution -- prevention, by promoting a healthy spirit in people so that they did not need to "drop out" and lose themselves to addiction.

When I returned to England, I started by writing a book about finding meaning and purpose in life. It took another 20 years for that first book to be published, in between finding greater meaning and purpose for my own life. The tears as I wrote the first chapter told me I was on track.

In 2000, I assumed my mission: to build a better world on the solid foundation of individual health, wealth and happiness and the appreciation of human value. The word appreciate means both an increase in value and thankfulness. I love the way those two meanings go together. In my experience, daily gratitude results in increase -- more fullness, greater wealth in every sense, hope and connection with others.

Most of us were not born into such a high possibility of service as demonstrated by Queen Elizabeth II, whose 60 years of devoted commitment to her country and commonwealth are being celebrated this Jubilee year of her reign. Without the status of constitutional monarchy, you can nevertheless be royally who you truly are. Your soul, that which is sovereign within you, can be recognized through the whisperings of your heart. If your heart could speak, what would it say about your calling?

Evaluate your inner voice, value and vision:


Listen to the voice within you. Listen to the wisdom of your heart and the love it holds. What is the purpose of your life that will give you meaning and fulfilment?

If something is not clear to you, ask to be given guidance. Ask questions of the wisdom within you. What is it you need to know to move forward? Deep down, you do know, or know where to go, for your answers.


Claim your innate value -- your gifts -- the strengths, qualities, skills and talents with which you have been blessed to share as your special contribution. What is it that you most love to do? What, when you do it, brings you great joy?

Claim your value as a remarkable and loving human being. Celebrate who you uniquely are, your divine human spirit.


How can you best be giving of that which you have been royally endowed? How will your contribution feel, look, sound like? Envisage the best experience that living can give you and that you can give to life.

Taking your voice, value and vision out into the world, notice how the following unfold for you:


Now, use your voice to speak your authentic value. That is to say, give of your gifts through your expression, whether that be caring for your family, painting portraits, running a business, writing a novel, taking care of the elderly in your community, playing a musical instrument, as a few examples.


As you give of your value, you will receive the greater awareness of it. An expansion of the awareness of who you are, your soul, is a sweet gift to receive. Allow those who receive your gifts to share their appreciation for you.

The awareness of the magnificent human spirit that you are will keep you buoyant in challenging times. The awareness of your core of unconditional love, that serves to sustain you throughout your life, will remind you that you are here to love and be loved. Truly, you are one who is beloved.


Now with greater awareness of your value, expand your vision. How can you "go the extra mile" to celebrate the life you were given? The extra mile might start by simplifying your life. Sometimes, less is more. You might cut back on excesses you do not need. Give away DVDs you no longer watch, donate old mobile phones to charity, cancel the subscription to the magazines you never read, sell the golf clubs you no longer use, create space for new and better to come to you.

What is the new and better you would really like to be expressing and enjoying in your heart of hearts? How can you best fulfil your purpose and mission in this world?

What is your soul calling you now to do, to be or to have? What are the signs you have received so far along the way? I would love to know. Please leave a comment below, or drop me a line at

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