Wealth School: How To Value And Appreciate Yourself

08/01/2011 07:17 pm ET | Updated Oct 01, 2011

Do you ever see yourself as less than valuable and worthwhile? I am sure that many of us do. There has been a school of motivation -- not literally a school, perhaps, but a set of attitudes -- that beats you down so that you will fight back and bounce up.

You know the kind of thing -- punishes you for your failures more than rewards you for your successes. You could end up feeling that you can never be good enough.

Life may do that anyway by giving you challenges which you could overcome, or not. You have probably read inspiring motivational stories of people who have encountered all kinds of hardship and yet have made their lives remarkable. Helen Keller, W. Mitchell, Victor Frankl and of course many more.

But if life has not dealt you a significantly harsh blow, do you have to deal it to yourself? I mean with self-judgments, an overly self-critical nature?

Many years ago, I began training myself to recognize the beauty and natural spirit in clients who came to see me, over and above the issues that were troubling them. I came to realize that no matter how disagreeable the personality or issue, behind all of that is the -- I can only call it shining -- truth that is sustaining their life.

That truth for the most part is shadowed by our awareness until we awaken to it. Do you awaken to it all in one go? Not in my experience. It reveals itself, little by little. And how does it do that? Again in my experience, it comes through with loving. Loving from yourself and receiving the loving from others.

Loving -- that is to say, through a condition of acceptance -- the accepting of whatever happens to be present in the moment, good or "bad." When seen with eyes of loving acceptance, nothing is bad. Why? Because everything is changing, all of the time. Nothing stays the same. That which is bad informs new movement or change toward something else, potentially better.

The loving within each of us moves us toward greater good.

This news report caused me to reflect: "Apple holding more cash than USA."How do the attitudes at Apple differ from those in the government? Is there anything that the government could learn from Apple? How could things be done differently, for the betterment of all? I am neither a politician nor a corporate boss, but I sense that a shift in accountability and value could make for an improvement in fortunes.

So how does value and appreciation of yourself fit in wealth school? When you truly value and appreciate yourself, you will stress and struggle less because you will find a greater trust in the process of life. You will feel more connected to good and positive outcomes taking place for you and your loved ones. You will be less driven to follow the herd because it seems like the right thing to do. You will know a more profound authenticity from which to relate with others, for a start.

You will feel wealthier. You will relate to your world as a wealthy person, regardless of your bank balance or possessions. You will attract opportunities to express your gifts and talents, which in turn will provide you with income and the needs you have.

Here are a few suggestions for valuing and appreciating yourself. Feel free to add more in the comments below.

  • Take a little time each day to be with your spiritual self. Do meditation, spiritual exercises or contemplate the beauty in and around you. Allow yourself to awaken to more of the goodness that you are.
  • Take care of the body that is the temple for your spirit. Treat your body well. Eat nourishing foods, drink plenty of water, exercise -- walk, swim or dance, for example -- get a good night's sleep. Rest and breathe deeply.
  • Adopt healthy attitudes. Extend loving acceptance, compassion and empathy towards yourself and others. Be aware of and grateful for the blessings you are and have to share.
  • Be kind and tender to you. When you make a mistake, forgive yourself and learn from it.
  • Make friends. Do not cut yourself off from others and hide away. Let the blessing that you are be known and shown.
  • Every so often, take time to do absolutely nothing. Relax. Switch off. Unplug. Stare into space. Lie down and stretch out -- just for a couple of minutes. Catch up with your greater self. Recharge those batteries.
  • Be grateful for the gift of your life. Treasure it. Treasure you. Truly, deep down you are the wealth you seek.
  • Wishing greater health, wealth and happiness, in all of the ways it can come to you!

How do you value and appreciate yourself? I would love to know. I am still on my learning curve and welcome your comments below, or drop me a line

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