08/05/2011 06:55 pm ET Updated Oct 05, 2011

Wealth School: Your Intuition and a Dream

How do you think your intuition might be valuable to you in creating a healthier, wealthier, happier life? Do you already experience a "sixth sense" about what you need to do, the actions you need to take to fulfill an objective or goal in life? Have your found your inner guidance to be a great tool in getting the results you want?

In a recent post, I referred to Chapter 4 of "The Wealth Book - Winning With Spirit: Develop Your Intuitive Resources and Abilities."

In order to make the best use of your intuition you need to be open, relaxed, peaceful, enthusiastic and grateful for all you presently have, however little you may consider it to be. Having all those qualities in place may reduce your stress, especially if you are motivated more by fear and panic than by faith, trust and confidence.

It may help to build your faith, trust and confidence in small steps. For example, you might like to notice the little ways that life seems to deliver a nice surprise, an opportunity or an unexpected gift -- a compliment perhaps, or a friendly word when you need it. Allow yourself to be open to receive in unusual ways. It may open your mind to a larger, more generous and friendlier world around you than you normally see.

I have a dream. It is to go to a fundraising retreat called The Best of Super II in support of Insight University, an educational establishment that is doing exceptional work to support a better quality of leadership in our world.

This is a mission I am keen to support. The world seems to me to be in need of another quality of leadership to meet the many challenges we are meeting. The retreat is in Ojai, Calif. The donation is beyond my present budget. There is also a return airfare from France to raise. The event happens May 2012.

How much do I really want to go? That question is key. Why do I want to be there? What is my purpose in going?

Answer those questions and I am partway there. The mistake I could make is to deny myself the opportunity because at the moment it seems to be out of my pocket. I invite you to consider your dreams. Do you have something you would really like but that is presently beyond your budget? Consider these three questions before shutting off the possibility.

  1. How important is this dream for you?
  2. Why do you want this dream?
  3. What is the purpose of this dream for you?

If we listen to too much bad news, we might feel constrained or inhibited from daring to ask for what we really want. Give life a chance! Sounds a bit like "Give peace a chance," as John Lennon reminded us, doesn't it?

Do you dare to dream of peace, plenty and prosperity in the face of so much gloomy news? The loving human spirit within us does just that. That spirit within you can guide you in extraordinary ways, if you just let it. And the more of us who are doing that will create a new sense of reality for others' aspirations and hopes.

Next, there are three aspects that I am looking at to enter the process of going:

  1. I envisage, connect and engage my energies to experience myself already being there so that it already feels real for me, even though I do not yet know how it will come about.
  2. While I am holding the vision clearly in my mind and emotions, I detach myself from the outcome so that I stay open for the miraculous ways in which my dream can be delivered. Being too attached can produce fear and anxiety, which blocks my flow in life and the flow of good things coming to me.
  3. I take practical steps, as guided inwardly, to fulfill my vision, even if those actions seem illogical or irrational to an outside observer.

All of the above is embraced by the statement:

"This or something greater for the highest good of all concerned."

In Chapter 4 of the book mentioned above, there are more ideas you might enjoy and find useful for fulfilling your own dreams and visions. For sure, my intention is to enjoy every step of the way toward creating the result I would really like to have. I will be learning all I can so that I may have something more to pass on to others. And maybe will have few good stories along the way.

First, I must go back and answer those questions I have posed for myself. They are my foundation, without them my "house" would be built on shifting sands.

Have you ever made a dream come true? How did you do it? I would love to know. I am still on my learning curve and welcome your comments below, or drop me a line

Wishing greater health, wealth and happiness -- in all of the ways it can come to you!

For more tips and hints for living a wealthy life, turn to "The Wealth Book - Winning With Spirit"