07/06/2012 07:20 am ET | Updated Sep 05, 2012

Wealth School: Learning the Art of Surrender

When you are feeling challenged, or stuck, do you go into panic mode, or do you respond with inspired action? I confess. Mentally, I sometimes drop in to panic mode. Gotta do something, even if I do no know clearly what it should be.

Do you ever do this? Or do you pause, take a deep breath or two, relax, stand back and allow the truth of you to speak? By truth of you, I mean the infinite source of love and guidance within you, that which I recognize as your soul.

My ego likes the gratification of being in control, which actually is no control at all. The greatest control is not of hanging on, but of letting go and being open. One of the great blessings of this age is that everything is changing, and rapidly. New possibilities and opportunities are opening up all the time.

I am a great admirer, and appreciate very much the work, of Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick. Recently, I received this video in which Ron explains "How is Spiritual Psychology Different From Traditional Psychology."

I love this video because it reminds me to question: Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is it, right now? Deep down, or actually not very deep, I do know the answers.

To remember my purpose puts me back into the driving seat of my life and out of the fast-lane highway of "gotta get ahead -- sooner, faster, better." Knowing my purpose attracts me to the opportunities available for me to fulfill it.

What I know from the past is that what I need has always shown up for me, sometimes seemingly under grace and in perfect ways.

I believe in a friendly universe, because that is the way I experience it. How, you might ask, can the universe possibly be "friendly" with so many bad things going on?

The way I see it is that given all the obstacles, disease and disasters happening, it is amazing to me how there are so many as alive and as well as there are. Something very powerful is sustaining all of this.

I know the beauty of surrender -- the surrender of releasing my concerns upwards and of surrendering up to the greatest good and guidance available for me. It looks like relaxing and being patient, not being inactive but following inspired action.

This would also look like being open to be in the infinite love of the universe for me, being available to a universal field of astonishing good and extraordinary creativity.

Surrendering allows space for the unexpected and benevolent to take place. When you hear an item of bad news, you have a choice. You can elaborate on the dire consequences of the situation, or you can bless it. You can become a witness to the good happening in the world by choosing to focus upon it. There is plenty that does not get reported in banner headlines.

For example, I live in Europe, the eurozone. Dramas around the common currency, the euro, can get pretty scary. Alternatively, I can bless the situation and those actively dealing with it. I can hold the view that something really good is coming out of this and not buy into disaster forecasting, which is pretty active at the moment. I can surrender my fears, and open the space in me to witness a miracle taking place.

There was a time that no one thought that the Berlin Wall would come down, or Nelson Mandela would be released from prison, or the peace process in Northern Ireland would ever progress.

Do you know of anyone who is wedded to woe, anxiety and fear for the future? I call this "the 49 percent and falling" outlook or attitude.

Then there are those who are 51 percent and rising -- taking life step by step, walking across a bridge of faith with trust, confidence, a clear intention of their dreams and objectives, and celebrating the many gifts of the present moment -- even when the bridge feels wobbly.

To go from the 49 percent to 51 percent? Surrender. Take your very next breath -- take it in deeply, and then let go. Give up and release the lower energy choice. Turn 180 degrees. Surrender. Look up and receive the many blessings that await you. Experience your choice for fulfillment.

Find new friends who are living at 51+ percent. Get help in creating a vision that fills your life with meaning, purpose and passion. Take the next action that will take you closer to where you want to be. Notice and be ever so thankful for the many gifts, however small, that come to grace you on your journey. Fill and celebrate the precious life you were given.

Imagine surrendering up to the blessings of the sweet grace and peace of a loving universe -- to receive for yourself the goodness available to you. This is sweet surrender, claiming once again your childlike nature with openness and a willingness to celebrate each new moment, now.

You may not be "in control" as your ego would have it. You can direct your life energy to connect with the soaring spirit within you, not as a life plan to be followed to the letter, but simply being in the flow of who you are and what is happening around you. You can educate your ego to surrender its role as "master" to become a loving servant to the wise soul within you.

How have you practiced surrender to gain fresh inspiration, energy and insight? How do you keep yourself in the 51 percent and rising field? I would love to know. Please leave a comment below, or drop me a line at

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