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Anne Z. Cooke
Anne Z. Cooke, a travel and adventure writer, covers the world from digs in Los Angeles and Colorado. A regular contributor to the McClatchy-Tribune wire service, to a dozen major daily newspapers and a travel editor at Splash Magazines Worldwide, she has been travel blogging for the Huffington Post since late 2010. She looks for the back story, and with readers in mind, covers the good, the bad and the remarkable. The front-line is her preferred location, from which she reports on topics ranging from wildlife conservation, budget travel and environmental issues to family travel, deluxe resorts, steamy spas and wildlife safaris.

A traveler since her parents took the family to Mexico, she’s been city touring, museum-loitering, spa-lingering, volcano-watching, river rafting, fmountain camping and float-plane fishing ever since. Her travel and feature stories about same have appeared in print and on the internet in various publications including the National Geographic Traveler, Miami Herald, Chicago Sun-Times, Dallas Morning News, Kansas City Star, Arizona Star, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, St. Paul Pioneer Press and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Entries by Anne Z. Cooke

Hello, Dali! Spain's Bad Boy Is Back

(0) Comments | Posted February 14, 2014 | 2:56 PM

HELLO DALI! You're Still Going Strong


PORT LLIGAT, Spain -- What's old in Catalonia, but as new as tomorrow's headlines? Not the Greek ruins at Empuries or Girona's Roman road, the Via Augusta. Certainly not the vineyards, long cultivated...

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Bahn Voyage! Through Germany by Train

(0) Comments | Posted January 31, 2014 | 1:30 PM

Hey there, yes, you, the traveler with the phrase book. Are you touring Germany this summer? I'll bet you're planning to rent a car to get around. For Americans, driving is second nature, the right to go where we want, when we want, and damn the torpedoes.

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Santa Fe's One-time Treasure: See It Now!

(1) Comments | Posted January 13, 2014 | 6:29 PM


You have to ask yourself -- as did I: Why is the exhibit currently at the New Mexico Art Museum, in the art-mad capital city of Santa Fe, in multicultural New Mexico, attracting so many visiting artists,...

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My Best Last-Minute Holidays

(0) Comments | Posted December 16, 2013 | 4:04 PM


Has your Christmas Day (or Druid solstice, Kwanza, Hanukah, whatever) been torpedoed? Mine has. The happy, if chaotic, family gathering I proposed months ago is history, ruined by the lure of the open road. As of yesterday, the 22 aunts, uncles,...

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Airport Rip Off, Or Was It?

(0) Comments | Posted November 26, 2013 | 9:07 AM

Talk about a disappointing wind-up to an magical vacation in Ecuador! The two bottles of Bailey's Irish Cream I bought in a duty free shop in the Quito airport were confiscated by a "security" official when I changed planes in the San Salvador airport. Grabbed without a work of explanation....

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Following the Big Blue Line to Mazatlan

(0) Comments | Posted November 15, 2013 | 4:31 PM

Images by Steve Haggerty/ColorWorld

If you've been to a party in Mazatlan, Mexico, you know what they mean by "fiesta." Now multiply by 10, add a chorus from Julio Iglesias and a wow from Lady Gaga, and you'll have a faint idea of the welcome celebration awaiting cruise passengers...

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Fans of La Fonda: Night at the Museum

(0) Comments | Posted August 20, 2013 | 11:42 PM

SANTA FE, NM- Whenever I wander through the halls of the historic La Fonda Hotel, the "inn" at the end of the Santa Fe Trail, I think of the 2006 film, Night At The Museum. When the exhibits come to life, the...

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Untamed in Ucluelet

(0) Comments | Posted July 17, 2013 | 12:53 PM

UCLUELET, Canada- When you're a gypsy by choice, ever searching for new horizons, seeing it all seems possible. Then one day you take a hard look at the cluster of pins stuck into your world map, each one marking a memory, and you realize how much you've missed....

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Searching for Grizzly Bears? Follow the Salmon

(0) Comments | Posted June 19, 2013 | 11:13 PM

Images by Steve Haggerty/ColorWorld

TOGIAK, Alaska- Do you want to see grizzly bears in the wild? Of course you do. This summer's trip to Alaska wouldn't be complete without photos to post on the internet and send to your Facebook friends. What's the Last Frontier all about without...

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Bountiful Yountville: The Epic Journey Begins

(2) Comments | Posted May 23, 2013 | 9:01 AM

If California wines still baffle -- so many labels! -- you might want to spend a weekend in Yountville, on Route 29 in Napa Valley. A village by this city boy's standards, it's 12 blocks long and four blocks wide, perched on a bit of real...

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Chasing Bullfights

(1) Comments | Posted May 15, 2013 | 1:30 PM

I didn't expect to spend my last afternoon in Mazatlan at a bullfight. Not this girl. The plan was to lie on the beach in a sun-induced stupor, a day alone with my thoughts. But there it was on the wall, the poster pasted at eye-level, two-inch-high letters blaring "Bullfight...

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Cal Jet Makes Sunny Mazatlan Accessible

(3) Comments | Posted January 19, 2013 | 6:00 AM

I wasn't on Cal Jet's inaugural flight to Mazatlan, but not for lack of wishing. I'm going soon to help celebrate the happy news that the airline, operated by Idaho-based XTRA Airways, is starting twice-weekly non-stop flights to Mazatlan's golden shores from five cities: Los Angeles,...

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Germany's Winter Wonderlands

(18) Comments | Posted December 30, 2012 | 6:00 AM


The holidays came early for me this year, no thanks to old Saint Nick. With visions of twinkling lights and sugar plums dancing in my head, I left California behind to cross the pond in early December, heading for Christmas markets in

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Victoria Falls Or Not: Power Tripping The Zambezi River

(0) Comments | Posted September 11, 2012 | 1:00 PM

If you're a contrarian, you won't be surprised to hear that I traveled to Zambia recently and never once bothered to visit Victoria Falls. Betcha not one tourist in a thousand would get within a mile of this legendary force of nature and not dash like a gazelle...

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Estes Park Postcard

(0) Comments | Posted July 17, 2012 | 7:00 AM

I wish you were here, Mary, in Estes Park, the way it was when we were kids. It's another warm day, like those lazy summers we spent down in the creek, searching for minnows. I'm sitting on the patio watching high clouds sail overhead, blue sky, not a trace of...

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Embracing The Tenderloin At The Urban Tavern

(0) Comments | Posted April 16, 2012 | 7:00 AM

The Urban Tavern, serving hearty American cuisine on O'Farrell Street, in San Francisco, is one of the Bay Area's most inviting new restaurants. The space, bistro-casual with rustic ceiling beams and contemporary sculptures in flaming colors is the first sign to passers-by that something's afoot within. Delicious aromas...

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Answering The Call Of Alaska (PHOTOS)

(5) Comments | Posted March 28, 2012 | 7:00 AM

"Piece of cake," says Jerrod. He sees the overhead light blink on and stops by my seat. "These Alaska pilots do it every day. Snow is like mother's milk to them."

Out the window, I can see the Chugach Mountains, the string of peaks looking like mounds of whipped cream....

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Skiing Park City: Better Late Than Never

(10) Comments | Posted February 25, 2012 | 8:00 AM

"Better late than never" is the mantra skiers live by, one to wax your skis on. After weeks of irrepressible and unwanted sunshine, late season snow storms have blown in from the Arctic, blanketing a few lucky ski resorts with the driest, creamiest powder snow you ever fell asleep thinking...

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The Magic Of Mazatlan (PHOTOS)

(21) Comments | Posted February 21, 2012 | 11:15 AM

They'll take pesos or dollars in Mazatlan. Even euros, if it comes to that. But smiles are Mexico's most wanted currency. It's the medium of exchange that makes everybody happy. The people I talked to when I was there last month -- from waiters and taxi drivers to museum directors,...

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Here's Taboo For You Old King Kam

(0) Comments | Posted September 17, 2011 | 11:42 PM

Images and video by ©Steve Haggerty/ColorWorld

You wouldn't have dared go eye-to-eye with King Kamehaha, not if you wanted to live another day. In pre-European Hawaii, even a glance at the royal face was taboo -- "kapu" in Hawaiian -- an offense punishable...

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