12/03/2010 10:41 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

All I Want for Christmas Is for Justin Bieber to Try a New Haircut (Among Other Things)

We might be just a few days into December but I've been thinking about this year's Pop Culture Christmas List since, well, since last year's. Pop Culture Santa Claus gave me a few things on my last list, (Emmy noms for FNL stars! Avatar didn't totally suck! Thanks to a new roommate, I got a Nintendo Wii! I went to Disneyland!), but I must say, looking back on my requests, quite a few of my wishes remain unfulfilled. Which brings us to -- my Pop Culture Christmas List for 2010.

I want...

  • Tron: Legacy to not suck
  • Justin Bieber to try a new haircut
  • Tom Brady to try a new haircut
  • "cosmic" to replace "epic" in the daily pop culture vernacular
  • Angry Birds to give me back my soul/ability to focus
  • Silly Bandz to never go out of style
  • a totally badass unknown actress cast as Katniss in The Hunger Games movie
  • no more scandalous pictures to leak of young Disney starlets
  • Taylor Momsen to wash her face
  • some consistent story lines on Glee
  • all the Ke$ha-haters to just shut-up and embrace the glitter
  • no more TV shows about vampires
  • no more TV shows that are musicals
  • no more TV shows that are spin-offs of NCIS or CSI or other similar-sounding acronyms
  • Booth's weird girlfriend to make a swift exit from Bones so he and Brennan can totally do it already
  • a third X-Files movie to be announced
  • a Celtics-Lakers rematch in the 2011 NBA Finals, but this time the Celtics win
  • someone to make a TV show and/or movie that features a unicorn
  • a whole lot of people start watching Fringe, Community and Cougar Town so ratings skyrocket and these three TV shows are universally recognized for being very, very good
  • the incredible drama Terriers gets picked-up for a second season
  • Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin (and all other Palins) to go away
  • whoever Amber the "Teen Mom" is to go away
  • John Mayer to go away
  • Kanye West to keep being his crazy self
  • Lady Gaga to keep being her crazy self
  • Courtney Love to stop being her crazy self
  • Willow Smith to keep whipping that hair of hers
  • John Stamos to headline his own TV show* (*preferably this show will be the reality competition show Stamos vs. Stamos, but I'd settle for a half hour comedy)
  • Scream 4 to be just as horribly amazing as we're all hoping
  • Four Loko to remain legal and readily available in California. Forever.

And if I could get someone to buy my screenplay, pilot, life rights, whatever -- that'd be just peachy.

Happy Holidays to all the Pop Culture Junkies out there -- please comment with your own requests and may all your Pop Culture Christmas wishes come true!