06/14/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Please Cancel Private Practice . Seriously.

There once was a time when I was obsessed with Kate Walsh. We're talking total girl-crush, "I want to be like you, look like you, I'd maybe consider going gay for you" obsessed. I'd peg that phase during the peak time of Grey's Anatomy fervor, during the show's first three seasons. When I found out Addison (her character on Grey's, in case you've been living under a rock the past five years) was moving on to get her own show, I was devastated. Why? Well I just loved her chemistry with all the other actors on Grey's, especially Eric Dane (HOT) and Justin Chambers (MORE HOT). I loved that show as it was. But are network executives ever okay with shows as they are? Sometimes, maybe. But when that show has the potential to spinoff another show with the potential to make lots and lots and lots of money, then: no.

So Grey's Anatomy said goodbye to Addison, and thus, one of the worst television shows to ever grace our television screens became part of ABC's Thursday night programming. Now, like any dutiful Kate Walsh fan, I watched Private Practice in the beginning. Not just one episode either - oh no, I stuck with that shit for two seasons.

From the get-go it wasn't pretty, but I kept on watching. I tried to ignore what I knew deep down inside. But this truth could not be ignored: Private Practice is a terrible show. Terrible. Atrocious. Bad writing, bad storylines, and unfortunately, bad acting. It's a great cast and I think Shonda Rhimes is talented and I think the first two and a half seasons of Grey's Anatomy were amazing, truly. And maybe Private Practice has had a nice moment here-and-there, but overall, this show sucks. Royally. Nearly every time I watch the show I think to myself, "Why? Why am I watching this? Why are these 40-year-olds acting like 12-year-olds? Why is Taye Diggs so attractive? Why does this exist? Why is Kate Walsh so cool but starring on such a bad show? Why, TV Gods, why?"

More recently, I had completely forgotten the show existed. I watched one episode this season - the one where there was a crossover with Grey's (yes, I will admit I watched the episode just to watch some Addison-McSteamy sex, okay? I'm a simple-minded human being, and as I mentioned above, Eric Dane is hot) and even though I fast-forwarded through most of the scenes Kate Walsh wasn't in, after suffering through one painfully soapy scene too many, I couldn't help but wonder, "how is this show still on TV?"

A blind item over at Entertainment Weekly (and SPOILER ALERT for the poor saps who are still watching this show) informs us that a major character on Private Practice is going to be killed off in the season finale.

I'd like to make a suggestion: you know who should be killed off in the season finale? The show. Kill the show. Then let Kate Walsh go kick ass in her Off Broadway debut and star in some movies (I'm thinking a rom-com could be a nice star-vehicle for her) and if she's looking for a new BFF, well, I'm totally available.