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Anton Heunis

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Real Women

(0) Comments | Posted November 8, 2011 | 9:27 AM

I'll never forget the first time it happened right here in my hometown of Madrid. I was returning home from a particular frustrating workout at the gym when I walked past her. I was so surprised that I froze in my tracks and had to retrace my footsteps to take...

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Au Revoir Paris

(0) Comments | Posted October 11, 2011 | 10:07 AM

The lady who works at the magazine kiosk at the arrivals hall at Charles De Gualle airport speaks English perfectly well. I know because this particular kiosk is always my first port of call upon my arrival in Paris. But on this particular day, she seemed to have decided that...

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Painfully Beautiful

(1) Comments | Posted September 20, 2011 | 12:03 PM

A few seasons ago, a very beautiful and glamorous friend of mine was assisting me at our show in Paris, wearing a pair of killer stilettos. Needless to say she looked stunning. She always dresses impeccably and, being a shoe man, I thought she looked fantastic.


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(0) Comments | Posted August 19, 2011 | 12:00 AM

Jewelry has been with us for centuries and it always amazes me when people ask me whether I think if jewelry will still be a trend next season.

Of course you get your "moments" where people tend to wear more or less of it, but the beautiful thing about...

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