08/22/2011 12:14 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Jewelry has been with us for centuries and it always amazes me when people ask me whether I think if jewelry will still be a trend next season.

Of course you get your "moments" where people tend to wear more or less of it, but the beautiful thing about jewelry is how it makes the wearer feel when she wears a piece -- be it pretty, confident, elegant, trendy sentimental -- the options are endless. There are very few items that can portray so many emotions as a piece of jewelry.

Over last five years jewelry has become more and more important as a crucial part of every fashionista's wardrobe. It reached its climax a few  years ago when the 'Statement' necklace  was one of the most important items in every thinking woman's wardrobe. This was great for the jewelry industry, but I think it can also be dangerous when people wear something just because it is a trend. The modern stylish woman follows trends but not blindly. At the moment the trend might lean towards cleaner lines, but not towards the austere minimalism of the 90s.

Jewelry in fashion has had many years to develop  and I think the exciting thing about the current trend in jewelry of the moment is that it's more about the individual piece and  person and  not so much about the trend as such.

I draw my inspiration from everyday life; heirloom jewels;  cinema noir -- basically everywhere women choose to adorn themselves. It is not so much the actual pieces that makes them beautiful, it's the person wearing it that makes it work.  I think the modern woman is making fashion adjust to her lifestyle and not the other way around.

All the truly stylish women I know are women who know how to wear a trend but also how to defy it. That is the only way to go forward.

Many jewelry and fashion brands rise and fall because of this, when they forget that actual women will be wearing these pieces -- that does not mean it should be all simple or what we would call everyday pieces, on the contrary, it refers to having the confidence to wear something that makes you feel a certain way/or portray yourself in a way that you would like to be seen.

I always watch the catwalk shows but I do not consciously follow them. I take note of trends that get carried over from season to season, it's impossible not to be inspired or influenced by the general trends, but one has to learn to adjust. We bring out our collections the same time as the runway shows, that means that I rely on my inspiration more than the catwalk trends because the collections get done before the shows. At the moment I am working on summer 2012 and planning for fall 2012/13. Every season I start from scratch and I fall in love with jewelry all over again.

Jewelry has been with us for much longer than the stiletto, the handbag and even longer than clothes... I don't think it is going away soon.

"Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn" -- Gore Vidal