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Bolstering Our 30/10 Initiative

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Today I'm in Washington DC advocating for our 30/10 initiative to fast track the 12 transit projects in Measure R from a 30-year to a 10-year schedule. This morning I testified before the House Committee on Ways and Means Subcommittee on Select Revenue Measure "Hearing on Infrastructure Banks" about the 30/10 concept. At lunchtime I spoke about 30/10 to the Center for National Policy.

Each time I come to Washington DC, I can feel the support for 30/10 growing as people realize that we're not looking for a handout. Instead we're bringing our own local funds to the table and just need the federal government to help us advance that funding to a ten year schedule.

During the hearing, Representatives Rosa DeLauro, Peter DeFazio, and Governor Edward Rendell were very supportive of 30/10 in their testimony. I would like to thank Chairman Richard Neal and Representative Earl Blumenauer for inviting me to participate in this significant discussion.

The hearing focused on proposals for a national infrastructure bank or national infrastructure fund, either of which would help jumpstart construction in Los Angeles and other regions. For 30/10 we are developing ideas including a more aggressive federal program of interest rate subsidies, loan guarantees, direct loans, and/or innovative re-payment terms.

I am grateful for the opportunity to talk directly with so many members of Congress and am feeling very encouraged by what I heard today.