05/10/2010 03:06 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Rally For Jobs

Today, more than 500 workers showed up at a "Rally for Jobs" in support of the 30/10 transportation initiative. Those workers are fired up and so am I. They know that right now, with the job market still weak, working families need the 165,000+ jobs that 30/10 would bring to the region.

Many of the workers who showed up today are members of the Los Angeles/Orange County Building Trades. These workers--electricians, boilermakers, sheet metal workers, plumbers, iron workers, and others--are struggling, and many are out of work. With 14% unemployment in the City, the construction has been hit the hardest with closer to 35% unemployment. We've got to get LA County back to work!

We can do it with 30/10. Over ten years, the 30/10 construction boom will create jobs - 165,000 construction jobs, and at least 2,800 permanent jobs running the system. 30/10 eliminates more than 500,000 pounds of emissions; saves 10.3 million gallons of gasoline; and expands transit use by 77 million boardings each year.

Next Thursday the board of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority will discuss 30/10. If you support 30/10 and the green jobs, clean air, better transit, and economic recovery it will bring, it will be important that you let the board members know. Especially after seeing all those workers today, there is no time to wait for the jobs that 30/10 will bring.

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