01/18/2006 02:37 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Ari's Confusion of the Day: On Blow Jobs, Lying, and Desperate Housewives

I'm confused. Remember all the huffing and puffing the right wing did about how the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal was to blame for the epidemic of blow jobs -- especially among high school age teens? It was "He's leading by bad example." So how come none of those same culture warriors are drawing the connection between President Bush's habitual inability to tell the truth -- about WMD, about the war, about torture, about NSA wiretaps, about Abramoff's White House visits, etc, etc -- and the epidemic of lying that has taken hold in America? See not just James Frey and J.T. LeRoy, but Oprah and Random House standing by their liar, and the rash of resume padders, background boosters, and literary plagiarists we've seen since George W. took office. And if you don't see how Frey's Million Little Lies are part and parcel of Bush's multitude of deceptions, check out Tom Scocca's knockout analysis in the New York Observer.

When it comes to setting an example, I'll take Oval Office blow jobs over Oval Office lies every time.

On a separate front, why do the various awards shows insist on putting "Desperate Housewives" in the comedy category -- and, indeed, voting it the best comedy? What is it that is theoretically so funny about those women? I've watched the show, and it never -- never -- makes me laugh. It's just not funny... which, call me crazy, should be the criteria for labeling something a comedy. Please, Emmy, please, Golden Globes, take this show out of the comedy category.