03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Thoughts From the Bye Week

With the Broncos enjoying a much-deserved bye last week, I had a chance to reflect on the Broncos' season. You know, where we've been, where we're going, and how it is that anyone ever allowed a professional football team to wear those uniforms in public. And as a bonus, I also had some time to check in on other goings on in Denver and around the NFL. So in honor of Week 7 (and of course, John Elway), I give you my 7 thoughts from Week 7:

I think last week's ESPN Power Rankings said it best: "This is a very well-balanced team that doesn't beat itself and has maximized its personnel. That is awfully good coaching." Isn't it though? Think about it, when was the last time you remember someone using words like that to describe the Broncos? Come to think of it, can you ever remember someone using words like that to describe the Broncos? We all know that I wasn't exactly the biggest Josh McDaniels fan in the offseason, but he has been incredible. After the tumultuous offseason, McDaniels had to put up some big wins early, but no one expected this. His star quarterback is playing like a talented version of Kyle Orton, his star wide receiver has suddenly become Brandon "We Are" Marshall, and oh by the way, McDaniels hasn't lost a game yet. So yeah, I'm impressed.

2. The perfect season. 16 and 0. Ok, so maybe that's a bit of a stretch. But as I look at the rest of the Broncos schedule, I think to myself, why not? You know, other than because they need to beat the Ravens, Colts, and Eagles on the road, not to mention the Steelers and Giants at home. But other than that, why not? I bet you didn't think they'd be 6 and 0 either, right? Or that Kyle Orton would have only one interception through the first six games? Or that the Broncos would have the number one scoring defense in football? I'm just saying, it could happen.

3. Sorry, but I'm still not over the uniforms. Yes the away jerseys they wore in San Diego were better, but still. It's one thing to embarrass yourselves for one week to honor the ghosts of Broncos past, but week after week after week? We're sure this is necessary? There have to be other options. For example, why can't we just honor all the living AFL Broncos at halftime during a home game? Wouldn't that be a lot more fun, not to mention easier on the eyes? Or better yet, why not just wear the old orange jerseys instead? Would anyone notice? And even if they did, would they say anything? My point is, there has to be another way.

4. And speaking of former Broncos, last week was a big week for two of the greatest Broncos of all time. John Elway was named Man of the Year by the Walter Camp Football Foundation, and Shannon Sharpe was selected as this year's sole inductee into the Division II Football Hall of Fame. I'm not sure what any of that means, but it does give me the opportunity to say this: Remember that time the Broncos won back to back Super Bowls in the 90s? Yeah, me too. That was awesome.

5. And speaking of awesome, is there any sports team in the world right now in worse shape than the Oakland Raiders? I know there are teams with more losses (the Rams and Titans come to mind), but over the last several years, has any organization looked worse top to bottom than the Raiders? Seriously, they have redefined the word dysfunction each of the last few years, and there are no signs of improvement. None. Between Tom Cable assaulting his assistant coach (I'm sorry, allegedly assaulting his assistant coach), Darren McFadden running the ball only slightly better than I am this season, and JaMarcus Russell playing quarterback (I'm sorry, allegedly playing quarterback), watching the Raiders lose has become almost as much fun as watching the Broncos win.

Since the Broncos were off this week and the Nuggets have already qualified for the NBA playoffs (that's how it works in the NBA, right? As long as you field a team, you make the playoffs?), I decided to check in on the Avs. As it turns out, they are 8 and 1. And 2. Now I don't really understand hockey (I think it's the language barrier), but apparently this means that they have won 8 games, lost 1 game, and kinda lost 2 other games. I mean, they didn't really lose those games, but they didn't really win them either. I guess. I don't really know. But hey, Go Avs!

7. In honor of John Elway, thought number 7 has been retired. It will never be thought by anyone to think for the Denver Broncos ever again. Thanks John, you were the best.

8. And finally, this week has reminded me of one very important thing: I hate bye weeks. Seriously, they drive me crazy. Like literally crazy. I mean for God sakes, I just retired a thought. Who does that? Also, in case you missed it, earlier I predicted that the Broncos would finish the regular season 16 and 0. So yeah, I'm pretty happy the bye week is over.

And so, with 7 thoughts from the 7th week of the NFL season, I bid you adieu. Here's hoping we meet again next week to discuss another number 7: 7 and 0.