Are You Committed, Or Just Interested?

06/20/2008 06:00 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

There's a big difference being being interested in changing and committing to taking the steps to make a change.

Think about losing weight--you can be interested in losing those extra pounds or you can be committed to changing your lifestyle in order to be healthier. How do you get from interest to commitment? Being interested means you stick to what is convenient, what is comfortable, what is practical and easy. Being committed means you go out of your comfort zone, you do whatever it takes, you give it time.

When you commit, you see things as a MUST--not a should, would be nice or even a maybe. The force of a commitment to yourself activates a whole different level of energy. Just say the words "I am interested." Then try "I am committed." I'll bet the inflection in your voice was completely different. There's power in commitment!

All change has some discomfort attached to it because it takes you out of the predictable realm that you know. Of course, outside your comfort zone is where things happen! As human beings we tend to go for the comfortable first......which is why we hate or fear change. And yet, every great thing that has happened in your life so far has come about from either life throwing you a change (you were fired and now you love your new job, you were dumped or got divorced and now you are in a great new relationship), or from you courageously initiating a change (you started a business, started college, or quit smoking). Whether you jumped or were pushed, change has happened, is happening or is just around the corner.

We all know changes come to light with the shift in season (why else would there be all those New Year's resolutions?) With summer marking the halfway point in the year, it's the perfect time to renew your commitment to those changes you've conveniently "forgotten" or pushed aside. And remember, while you will likely overestimate how much change will happen in a month, you will also underestimate how much you will change in 3 to 6 months. Go for it! What change do you want to make?