02/12/2008 11:48 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Change: One Thing Guaranteed to Happen

Welcome to my blog. It's going to be a place of exploration, discussion, creativity and inspiration on one word -- CHANGE. Change is the word of the year, maybe even the decade. It's all around us, all the time -- we experience changes in our health, relationships, careers, finances and families, and then we hear about and face social, environmental and political changes.

As JFK said, "Change is the law of life" -- it's one thing guaranteed to happen. Yes, change can be hard, we feel alone when we are going through change and most of us think we are bad at change. My one hope, and mission is to make change easier.

I am fascinated with change: the changes life throws at us and the changes we courageously make for ourselves. The changes we experience are so intriguing to me that I've started a company dedicated to exploring the ways in which we move through change and how we can succeed. Please explore our site and let me know what you think. We have just launched so come by and tell us what to 'change' and how to make it better.

How does the dictionary define change? Well, Webster says:

changed; chang·ing 
1 a : to make different in some particular : ALTER > b : to make radically different : TRANSFORM c : to give a different position, course, or direction to
2 a : to replace with another b : to make a shift from one to another : SWITCH c : to exchange for an equivalent sum of money d : to undergo a modification.

My view on change is pretty simple:

Change is:

A guaranteed part of life, always happening, around us everyday

What changes?

People, Nature, Animals, Countries, Governments, Professions, Technology, Corporations, Transportation, Physical body, Relationships, the list is endless.

This blog is a work in progress. It is not written for the purpose of creating a particular philosophy or approach to life. It is not a methodology or a practical way of getting from A to B. There is no lesson that will give us all the certainty, structure and permanency we all crave, especially when we feel overwhelmed with our own personal changes. Systems, steps, and programs are static and life, which is all about change, is dynamic. This blog is intended to help you form different reactions to the changes you experience. My hope is that it will stay with you and will influence how you feel about the next change you encounter or want to make, big or small, personal, or professional, social or global. is a website I started that is full of rich content about nearly 50 different changes (and more coming). We've interviewed the top experts, identified the top five things to do and pulled it all together to help you get started and more importantly, stay started! We also found the resources you may need, including the top books on a subject and music and movies to inspire you. There's also a community of people going through the same changes, who will share their wisdoms and tips, and, from whom, you can ask and answer questions. And, you can listen to our weekly podcast, read our everyday change tips and tons more.

I am starting a Change Movement. We all have changes we wish we could make and others that life has thrown at us, and many of us are helping someone else through a change. And the world so needs some courageous people who are willing to take a stand for change and hope. I call myself a change optimist, and am actively looking for others who believe anyone can change, its never too late, you're never too old or too young. We are all examples for others.

As Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world."