Blog Roundup: Red, White and Hillary

05/25/2011 11:50 am ET

As President Clinton is headlining a fundraiser for Hillary in New York tonight, here is a blog roundup on Hillary’s latest scheme to move to the middle:

Markos: Clinton sponsors anti-flag burning law

Pam at Pandagon: Hillary continues image building with more wingnut bootlicking

Media Girl: Hillary wraps herself in the flag

Matt Stoller: Hillary Clinton and Flag-Burning

Georgia10: Hillary, Flag-Burning, and a Mini-Rant

Shakespeare's Sister: "In the end, this isn't even a particularly smart way to curry favor."

Royally Kranked: "Once again, one of the most idiotic threats to Constitutional Freedoms rears its foolish head in an attempt to politically pander to as many uninformed voters as possible."