09/25/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

DNC Diary: Michelle, Michelle, Michelle

Michelle's speech was a home run. Emotional, heartfelt, and very authentic. On a night where Ted Kennedy passed the Democratic Party's moral baton, Michelle picked it up and ran with it -- evoking RFK's famous evocation of George Bernard Shaw ("Some men see things as they are...") by talking about the world as it is vs the world as it should be. The cutest, laden with meta-meaning line of the night, however, came from Michelle's brother who revealed that even though, as children, they were only allowed to watch one hour of television a night Michelle had still managed to memorize every episode of that iconic rendering of American family life, The Brady Bunch. Lucky for Team Obama that the show she memorized wasn't Gilligan's Island or Green Acres. Michelle, Michelle, Michelle...