06/14/2010 01:01 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Five-Word Webby Speech: Coming Down to the Wire

On Friday, I asked for suggestions for the five-word acceptance speech I should give at tonight's Webby Awards.

Your response has been tremendous: over 3,000 suggestions so far. Not surprisingly, Gulf-related references dominated, although there were a number of 5-word plays on the president's performance, tea parties, Arizona, Helen Thomas, and the Move Your Money campaign.

Our HuffPost team is still debating which one I should use.

Here are some of our favorites. Let us know which one you prefer -- or, if you think you can do better, add a new suggestion of your own.

I probably won't make a final decision until I'm walking up to the podium!

We only spill the truth.
(Jordan VS)

We spill news, not oil.
(byallwritesLori) me your papers!

Deregulation: the verdict is in.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs... get it?

Afghanistan? Iraq? What about America?

We're still at war. Why?
(Mike from Tucson)

Palin: Longest 15 minutes EVER.

Greed kills. Try something different.

BP + DC = F.

(Ed and Deb Shapiro)

We voted CHANGE; CHANGE already

Move your money. Thank you.

Save America: Move Your Money.

America needs an oil change.

Am I being emotional enough?

We gush and spume purposefully.

"I want my Gulf back!"
(darin lowery)

Our news is still free!
(mad lib)

Anyone ready for clean energy?
(Jacob Alifrangis)

Thanks. Now save the Gulf.

Plug the damn hole already.
(anastasiabeaverhousen )


Let's chill the drill, baby.

Shouldn't they be coming home?

Make love, not oil plumes.

Oil belongs in the ground!
(zsaz1029 )

Blogs Don't Destroy the Ecosystem.

Mr. President, it's still leaking.

Yes we can do better.

Clean up the Gulf Coast.
(gotalifepost )

The Internet can't spill oil.