10/16/2010 05:26 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Help Restore Sanity... and Win a Free Flipcam!

Dear HuffPost Sanity Rider, We have decided to use 200 Flipcams to help document Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity -- and the HuffPost bus trip to and from it. To determine which of our Sanity Riders gets one of the cameras (and it's, of course, theirs to keep after the rally), we're having a contest (only those who have reconfirmed a seat on the HuffPost bus are eligible to enter). Simply tell us what you think is the single best way to restore sanity to America -- in 140 characters or less! You can enter in a number of ways: 1) Click the Twitter button below and direct your tweet to @AriannaHuff.

2) Post a response on Facebook, putting @AriannaHuffington in your message.

3) Send an email to (making sure to include your real name).

4) Leave a comment on this entry (keep in mind, you'll have to include your real name in the posting).

The top 200 responses get a Flipcam. So submit your answer today (submissions must be posted by 5 pm ET on Friday, October 22 -- read full contest rules here).

And since the ultimate goal is restoring sanity to America, even if you aren't coming on the bus (and don't qualify for a Flipcam), you can still send us -- and tweet/Facebook your friends -- the one thing you would do to restore sanity to our country. We'll post our favorite solutions on HuffPost before we head to the rally.

Just another way HuffPost is driving you sane. Good luck...