02/21/2007 09:47 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hillary's Campaign Would Rather Mudsling Than Get Its Facts Right

Howard Wolfson, Hillary Clinton's communications director, is obviously a slow learner. Either that or he'd rather sling mud than get his facts right.

Why else would he appear on Hardball Wednesday night and once again refer to David Geffen as Barack Obama's "campaign finance chair" -- a full six hours after Geffen had made it clear he had "no official role in the campaign"?

Yet there was Wolfson asking Chris Matthews if Obama wants to "have his campaign finance chair -- or the chair of this big event make these kinds of outrageous comments?" (watch the video here [click on "Is Hillary above criticism?"])

To his credit, Matthews called him on his b.s.: "Why do you call him his finance chair, when he says that's not his title?"

Instead of admitting the truth -- that he was desperately trying to tie this to Obama and portray him as just another ordinary pol -- Wolfson broke into this tap dance: "If somebody hosts a million dollar-plus event, I'll let you decide what you want to call him." So I assume that we can start referring to Ron Burkle as Hillary's campaign finance chair? And taking his words as the words of Sen. Clinton?

This wasn't the only ludicrous claim Wolfson made. He also suggested that the Obama campaign "put Mr. Geffen up to this." Does Wolfson really expect anyone to believe that David Geffen is taking his marching orders from the Obama campaign?

Earlier in the day, on The Situation Room, James Carville, who is used to taking his marching orders from the Clinton campaign, offered to trade places with Geffen. Despite Wolfson's televised fantasies, the offer has not been accepted.