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Hillary's Secret '08 Strategy Revealed (Heaven Help Us)

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Hillary Clinton has a strict rule prohibiting her friends and advisors from talking publicly about her running in 2008. Turns out, it might be a good rule.

In today's on-the-one-hand-and-on-the-other front page WaPo story on Hillary, a "close advisor" to Clinton breaks the keep-it-zipped-on-08 decree -- with jaw-dropping results.

Elaborating on how Hillary can overcome voter uncertainty by, as the story puts it, reintroducing her values and biography to a national electorate," the anonymous advisor says: "She will define herself, and we have the money to do it. People have to get to know her, know that she was once a Republican, that she's a big Methodist... That will happen."

So that's the winning strategy for 2008? Run Hillary as a Goldwater girl and -- wait for it -- "a big Methodist"?

Holy blatant red state pandering, Batman!

Let's hope this "close a" is not too high up on the campaign food chain. Because if he or she is actually in the loop, the road to 2008 is going to be long, pathetic slog.