04/14/2007 11:01 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

HuffPics: Mother-Daughter Campaign Kickoff Luncheon

We kicked off the HuffPost/iVillage Mother-Daughter Campaign with a luncheon at Michael's restaurant in New York. Explaining my injuries (hidden in the photos below behind glasses, and my hair covering the stiches over my right eye), I followed iVillage president Deborah Fine by telling the hundred women in the room: "No, I didn't go hunting with Dick Cheney or Mitt Romney, I didn't wear a puppy costume in front of Judi Giuliani, I didn't make fun of Tony Soprano's sister, and I didn't get a face lift gone wrong. I did, however, pass out. Face first. Hitting my head on my desk on my way to the floor. That's what I get for flying all night to give a speech, getting up after just 2 hours sleep to tape Reliable Sources on CNN, then start to work with nothing more in my stomach than a Starbucks soy latte. A cautionary tale for all Type-A women in the room!"

AHuffingtonFine_041107_1 sized.jpg

Me with iVillage's Deborah Fine

CohenQHuffingtonDrescher_07 sized.jpg

Me with Wendy Cohen, Shikha Gulati and Fran Drescher


Debra Winger


Elizabeth Berkley and Lauren Bush


Cindi Leive and Pat Mitchell


Elizabeth Berkley and Joan Rivers

WolfRobertsHaddon_041107_1 sized.jpg

Naomi Wolf, Deborah Roberts and Dayle Haddon

WingerJones_041107 sized.jpg

Debra Winger and Sarah Jones