10/28/2010 09:26 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

HuffPost Readers Weigh In on How to Restore Sanity to America

Last week, we asked riders of the HuffPost Sanity Bus to tell us the one thing they would do to help restore sanity to America, and offered free Flipcams for the 200 most compelling responses.

The reaction was great, with over 1,000 submissions delivered via email, Twitter, Facebook, and our comments section. We've picked our winners, and we'll be notifying them today.

In the meantime, here are some of our favorite suggestions for how we can collectively restore sanity -- all of which, of course, are among the Flipcam winners. America needs all the sanity it can get, so add your ideas below!

The single best way to restore sanity is to stop telling us what "the people" want, and start asking the people what they want. -- Danielle Charles

We need to realize that politics isn't a game of good vs evil, but of differing opinions on what course the country should take. -- Mike Isasi

The single best way to restore sanity is to laugh at the things that don't make sense; use the sense of humor evolution gave you. -- Lynn Cook

Focus on science education! It teaches how to use objective and logical reasoning, rather than ad hominem arguments, to address problems. -- Kimberly Hofmeyer

Insanity Points. Whenever a public figure says something hypocritical or willfully ignorant they get one. Like golf, low score wins. -- Sean Ward ‎

Pure and simple: encourage more exercise among young Americans. Healthy bodies make for healthy minds and critical thinking. -- Eric Blattberg

If we want to restore sanity to America, America needs to chill out. We'll think straighter, be more alert during work hours, and be happier people. It's time for our overworked and under-rested citizens to chill out and take a nap for America. -- Rob Kenney

All we need is the radical application of common sense! -- Ben Kaufman ‎

Learn, understand, think, and open your mind. Then, form your own opinion. Embrace people different from you. Slow your world down, and look around. It's beautiful. -- Eric Shiffman

We're looking for the answers but we forgot the questions. Return to sanity by starting at the beginning. Before the craziness. -- Melissa Bunni Elian

If we all try and walk in each other`s shoes, I think sanity could be restored. -- Amanda Holpuch

To restore sanity, we must first eradicate apathy. When one gains the desire to discover truth, then one can make better informed decisions. -- Angel Wong

Teach our children that the path to a better future lies not in pursuing one's own self-interests but rather in pursuing the common good! -- Sarah Bowe

We must reestablish a discourse that is civil and free of personal prejudices, taking into account multiple arguments beyond left v. right. -- Stephen Sullivan

Carry a pocketful of notes that say, "Just breathe," & "I love you." Leave them between the pages of books & on the seats of subway cars. -- GennaRose Nethercott

Let us constantly remind ourselves, above all we are Americans, and our success or failure will be measured upon our ability to come together to build a better future for our children. -- Mike Corn

Einstein said: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Try something new every day. -- James Reed

Create several twenty-four hour fact checking channels and websites of non-partisan qualified researchers who would monitor any information given to the public by both politicians and the press. Sort of a "Consumers Reports" for information. -- Ralph M. Toporoff