12/06/2010 10:52 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I Thought I Loved My BlackBerry Before, But HuffPost's New App Takes Things to a Whole New Level

As an editor, you try not to play favorites (not unlike a mother), but some projects inevitably hit closer to home than others. Such is the case with today's launch of HuffPost's new BlackBerry app.

Anyone who knows me well... or even barely knows me... or has just been a regular reader of my posts will attest to my profound attachment to my BlackBerrys. Indeed, the fact that there is an "s" at the end of that last sentence speaks volumes.

In a post a few years back, I described my "whirlwind relationship" with my "constant companion" as "...inseparable. Too close, some suggested. Friends began to whisper that the relationship was taking up more and more of my time, energy, and focus." That was in a post about how distraught I became after accidentally dropping one of my BlackBerrys into the Mediterranean.

After I passed out from exhaustion and broke my cheekbone a few years later, one of the sacrifices I made in an effort to find more balance in my life was to go from having three of the devices to only two (I hate to confess that I'm back to three!).

And one of my biggest challenges during this year's Sleep Challenge was agreeing to charge my BlackBerrys in a different room when I went to bed, lest I be tempted to check them should I wake up in the middle of the night.

So, as you can see, my BlackBerrys mean a lot to me. That's why I'm so excited that our BlackBerry app is finally here.

Modeled after our very popular iPhone and Android apps, our new BlackBerry app offers a wide selection of HuffPost's content in a format that is touch-screen swipe-able and moves at lightning speed.

It's a native app that was built specifically for the latest BlackBerry OS 6 operating system -- meaning it will work on the Blackberry Torch, as well as the latest iterations of the Bold and Style models.

Among its cool special features is a customizable nav bar that learns what your favorite sections are and makes it easier to access them.

And we are continuing to improve the app, even as it's being released. Coming soon: offline caching so you can read HuffPost even when you don't have a signal (like on the subway), and the ability to instantly share stories, blog posts, and comments via Facebook and Twitter.

For those of you still kicking it old school on pre-OS 6 BlackBerrys, we've created a new launcher app that makes it easier to access the web version of our site on your phone. Both are available here.

This is another step toward our goal of making it possible for you to take HuffPost with you wherever you go, and on whatever mobile platform you are using (including the iPad; be on the lookout for our soon-to-be-launched new iPad app, which will offer a whole new way of experiencing HuffPost).

So, fellow BlackBerry lovers, download the new app here (the rest of you can get the iPhone app here, the Android app here, and the Windows Phone 7 app here).

And since we are continuing to make improvements to the new app, we very much want your input. Send your feedback and suggestions to

You know, I didn't think it was possible, but my constant companion and I have just gotten even closer. Ain't love grand?