11/09/2005 05:14 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Judy is Out; Wants It Made Clear She Didn’t Screw Libby (Just the American Public)

In reporting that Judy Miller is leaving the New York Times (a great victory for the Times newsroom, the blogosphere, and journalism -- sorry no one gets the baklava!), the Times makes a big deal of the dust up over Miller’s anger at a memo in which Bill Keller wrote of “Judy’s entanglement with Libby”.

Judy apparently didn’t like the sexual implication and, as part of her departure agreement, had Keller release a letter he had written her in which he says that his use of the words “entanglement” and “engagement” “were not intended to suggest an improper relationship”.

But improper relationships aren’t just sexual ones. No one (except maybe their respective spouses) really cares if Judy and Scooter had a sexual entanglement.

We are far more concerned about their political entanglement. The kind where agendas intertwine, and fiction gets massaged into fact. Far worse than sexual entanglements, political ones fuck with your head.

Fine, Judy didn’t screw Libby. Just the American public. Good riddance.