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Rove-Plame Update: Out of the Game?

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Another after-dinner discussion at the “Belly-Up” bar. During a panel on “American News Media in Crisis?” moderated by Ken Auletta, I asked Newsweek’s Evan Thomas if he could explain how the White House press corps, on two consecutive days, failed to ask Scott McClellan a single question about Karl Rove being a possible source. “I’m baffled by it,” he said. “I’m baffled why the mainstream media have been so slow at covering this story. It could be a case of delayed reaction. Or it could be that the major media players are, in different ways, implicated in the story. The Washington Post has Walter Pincus who’s testified about the source… so they’ve taken themselves out of the game. Time has Matt Cooper… so they’ve taken themselves out of the game. The New York Times has Judith Miller… so they’ve taken themselves out of the game. As for the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times, I’m not sure why they’re not on the story…. “

Time for them all to get in the game -- don’t you think?