Rub Elbows With Judy Miller, Just $375!

11/08/2005 08:45 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Today will be a red letter day for fans of discredited neocon idols. This afternoon, Ahmad Chalabi will be in Washington, giving a speech at the American Enterprise Institute. And in the evening, Judy Miller will be in New York, taking part in a panel discussion on reporters’ privilege at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers (7th Ave and 53rd St.), being sponsored by the Media Law Resource Center. Tickets are $375, which includes dinner.

Still time to book seats on the D.C./NY Shuttle!

Miller’s fellow panelists include Time’s Matt Cooper, Jim Taricani, a TV reporter who served four months of home arrest for refusing to reveal a source, and Rep. Mike Pence, co-sponsor of a bill that would create a federal shield law.

The panel was originally going to be moderated by Diane Sawyer -- and, as late as yesterday, she was still listed on the MLRC’s website. But according to the organization, due to a “last-minute cancellation”, the panel will now be moderated by Nightline co-anchor Terry Moran.

So a “last-minute cancellation” caused Sawyer to cancel? Don’t you hate when that happens?

Maybe it’s just as well. It was hard to imagine Sawyer putting her journalistic credentials at risk to moderate a panel that included Judy Miller not as a target of derision and scorn but as an esteemed member of the fourth estate blabbering on about the need for a federal shield law that wouldn’t have protected her anyway even if one had been in place.

I’m not sure why Terry Moran pulled the short straw at ABC to take Sawyer’s place. But any reporter worthy of his press credential is going to have a hard time sitting on the same panel with Judy without grilling her about all the questions she’s left unanswered.

A number of my sources have coughed up the $375 (that dinner better be yummy!) and will be BlackBerrying me from the event -- including about how Moran walks the journalistic tightrope.

Stay tuned…