02/09/2008 12:44 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sunday Roundup

This week, the CIA finally confirmed it had waterboarded al-Qaeda suspects. Senate Democrats demanded a criminal investigation; the White House refused to give an inch, insisting the president is free to authorize the Torquemada-approved technique. Dick Cheney was defiant, telling a cheering CPAC crowd that he was "proud" of Bush's national security decisions (which includes the use of torture): "Would I support those decisions today? You're damn right I would." A senior intelligence official made the case that since U.S. soldiers had been waterboarded as part of their training it couldn't possibly be torture: "We don't maim as part of our training. We don't mutilate. We don't sodomize. Those are things that are always bad." At military training camps across the country, waterboarded but unsodomized and unmutilated soldiers said a silent prayer.