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Sunday Roundup

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This week, Speaker Boehner flat-out rejected President Obama's request to unveil his new jobs plan at a joint session of Congress this coming Wednesday, saying Thursday would be better. Forget actually taking action on the unemployment crisis -- they can't even agree on the date for a speech about the unemployment crisis! A few days later, the Labor Department released the worst jobs report in 11 months. So here's the official tally: debates about the scheduling of a jobs speech, 1; jobs created in the last quarter, 0. Meanwhile, with promises from its author of "heads exploding all over Washington," Dick Cheney's memoir was published. Revelations included his desire to bomb Syria, and his dreams of living in an Italian villa -- come si dice "enhanced interrogation techniques"? I was going to end by wishing everyone a happy Labor Day, but John Boehner has decided to move it to later in the month.

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