11/27/2011 12:25 am ET | Updated Jan 26, 2012

Sunday Roundup

This week, Egyptians braved brutal beatings in Tahrir Square in search of democracy and freedom while Americans braved violence in Wal-Marts in search of cheap Black Friday appliances: #resetyourvalues. On the campaign trail, latest GOP frontrunner Newt Gingrich came under fire for using the word "humane" in a debate answer about illegal immigration and suggesting we should adopt a policy to avoid tearing apart families. Apparently, erring on the side of humanity doesn't sit well with "family values" voters. And, in a demonstration of the kind of real-time, crowd-sourced creative commentary only possible on the Internet, the UC Davis campus cop who heartlessly pepper-sprayed peaceful protesters became a viral meme, depicted spraying everyone from Gandhi to George Washington to a baby seal to Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel God. It got so big, even the Hitler Reacts meme felt compelled to weigh in. Very meta. And wickedly funny.

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