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Sunday Roundup

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This week brought what we hope will be a lasting ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza conflict, the promise of looming conflict in Congress over the fiscal cliff, and out-and-out hostility in stores and malls across America as shoppers heckled, scuffled, and even wielded weapons in search of Black Friday bargains. Thanksgiving football, meanwhile, served up some early holiday treats: viral gifs of Ndamukong Suh's "accidental" groin kick, and Mark Sanchez's epic face-in-butt fumble. We were also treated to the decidedly less humorous spectacle of Iraq war cheerleaders like John McCain and Lindsey Graham trying to score political points attacking Susan Rice and demanding "an accounting" and answers to "the basic questions" surrounding Benghazi. If only McCain and Graham (bellicose backers of a different -- and truly misleading -- serving of Rice) had shown a similar fervor in demanding "an accounting" and answers to "the basic questions" about how they and their fellow cheerleaders got it so wrong on Iraq.

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