02/12/2006 02:32 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sunday Roundup

My favorite quote of the week came from former FEMA director Michael Brown, who said of the president, "He called me Brownie at the wrong time. Thanks a lot, sir." (Jack Abramoff's e-mail memories of Bush's prodigious memory were a close second). Elsewhere on HuffPost, it was "12 Mohammads and a Funeral", as the ongoing uproar over the Danish cartoons and the new uproar over Coretta King's funeral were hot topics on the Blog. Don't miss the 'toon takes of Hooman Majd, Deepak Chopra, Jim Zogby, RJ Eskow, Nina Burleigh, Michael Standaert, and Eric Deggans, and Michael Shaw, Marty Kaplan, Harold Ford, Sherrod Brown, Jan Schakowsky, Major Owens, and Diane Watson on the funeral. Plus the choice offerings in our Sunday Roundup below.