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Sunday Roundup

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Academy Award nominations were released Thursday, and it was clear that Oscar voters were really into retro movies about bad guys, swindlers and financial fiascoes -- with American Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street both scoring big. Meanwhile, on the other coast, today's bad guys, swindlers and fiascoes were a lot less entertaining. On Wall Street, modern wolves continue to wreak havoc with impunity: according to a new study, in recent years, the government hasn't held individuals accountable in two-thirds of the cases in which it's charged companies with crimes. And in D.C., a bipartisan group of senators continued its attempt to scuttle talks with Iran by imposing more sanctions -- a move the Obama administration said would amount to a "march to war." America's Unnecessary Middle East War franchise is not one that needs a remake, and this scenario should quickly be put into turnaround. If not, All Is Lost may become more than the title of a snubbed film.