05/27/2006 05:00 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sunday Roundup

Two of the hottest topics on the HuffPost blog this week were the fallout from the Jean Rohe/John McCain dust-up at the New School commencement, and Al Gore and his powerful global warming doc "An Inconvenient Truth." Besides the posts featured below, be sure and check out Jane Smiley, Jonathan Schwarz, Kirsten Powers, Russell Shaw, and New School faculty member Jan Clausen on Rohe/McCain (as well as McCain's right hand man, Mark Salter's take -- and Jean Rohe's response to it). For more on Gore, there's Jesse Kornbluth, Eric Boehlert, Peter Daou, Richard Greene, Margaret Carlson, and me. Plus, this is your last chance to affect the outcome of the May Contagious Festival, so pay a visit and forward your faves.