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Sunday Roundup

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This was a historic week, as Democrats took back control of Capitol Hill, and our bloggers -- including more than a few members of the 110th Congress -- had plenty to say about it. Check out the takeover takes of Sen. Tom Harkin, Rep. John Murtha, Sen. Ted Kennedy, Jane Smiley, Bob Borosage, Lawrence O'Donnell, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Rep. Ed Markey, James Zogby, Patt Morrison, Mark Green, Beth Dozoretz, Bob Geiger, Mona Gable, Tom Baer, Taylor Marsh, Michael Shaw, Kristina Brittenham, and Melinda Henneberger and, making her blogging debut, Melinda's 10-year-old daughter Della (You can read my on-the-scene accounts here, here, here, here, and below). And for those sweating their way through a much-warmer-than-usual winter weekend, don't miss Manhattan in January, Jill Sobule's funny musical take on global warming.