Sunday Roundup

05/25/2011 12:00 pm ET

Oscar Week is Hollywood's version of Mardi Gras -- only with Harry Winston diamonds instead of beads. And no one yells "Show us your tits" to Helen Mirren (although, given her cinematic history, she probably would oblige). So it's hard to believe that anything could distract the denizens of Tinseltown from the wall-to-wall "Who's going to win?" speculation and, more importantly, the "What am I going to wear?" party preparation. But all that took a back seat this week to the political firestorm unleashed by David Geffen's barbed wire chat with the anti-Little Miss Sunshine, Maureen Dowd. Catch my takes on the dustup here and here. Not exactly Notes on a Scandal, but it did reveal An Inconvenient Truth.